Eddy and Mike would like to congratulate Dirk Nowitzki and the Dallas Mavericks for their NBA Finals Championship over the Miami cHeat and the “not so big” 3 this week.  This picture was taken shortly after Dirk was named Finals MVP.


The Eddy and Mike show has been welcomed with open arms by the EU and  their blog recently crossed the 1,100 hits mark with less than a week left on their Euro-tour 2011. The pair has just signed a new agreement with Doner brand foods and have been given a card for unlimited Doner between the hours of 23:00 and 05:00 throughout Europe. Eddy and Mike are very excited about the new endorsement and can’t wait to enjoy their next Doner wrap and french fries with mayo!  Mike almost lost the endorsement of Doner though, because his jeans were considered “excessively baggy”, but because he is the hottest thing since Blue Steel they kept him on board.  In Mike’s left hand is Mezzo Mix, a delightful blend of Coca-Cola with a twist of orange.  Mmmmm, fresca!!


The Mike and Eddy Show has almost completed its first season in Germany and will be coming to a close next week at this time.  The two stars are saddened that their journey in Frankfurt is coming to a close but the great relationships and memories that they have made (including this blog) will last a lifetime.  The experience has been nothing but bliss for the two stars and they spent the last week enjoying everything that the city has to offer.  During the week Mike and Eddy would head down to the river to grab a few drinks after a grueling day at the office and watch the sunset and people watch on the walk, jog, run, Rollerblade, and bike trail by the Rhein-Main River in downtown Frankfurt.  It was a nice relaxing way for the two to break away from the 18 hour work days on the set of HOLM and soak up some sun and enjoy the finer things in life; a glass of wine and some good conversation.

This past weekend was Hessentag in Frankfurt. (Hessen Day) Hessentag is a celebration of the state of Hessen and located on the outskirts of Frankfurt.  Eddy and Mike enjoyed the food and festivities of Hessentag and snapped a photo of the man made sand castle and Ferris Wheel that all the kids went going crazy for.  They even had time to stop by the Harley Davidson booth and snap a picture for their friends in HCMC because as usual, work comes first for Eddy and Mike.  There was also an interesting twist of fate this past weekend in Germany, news that shook the nation.  Below you can see a picture of a sign that has a great story to go along with it.  The absolutely no smoking sign that inspired Eddy Lee to not smoke for 24 hours this past week.  The outcome was nothing short of marvelous.  His airways opened up, there was more pep in his step and he began to feel healthier, younger, and rejuvenated.  Could this be the beginning of something special, or just a passing fad for E-Lee?  People are wondering if this will improve his basketball game even more and critics wonder if this would have been the case during the MBA B-ball season could the team have made a Final 4 run?  Stay tuned for Season 2 to see how it all plays out.  The last picture is from a simulation at the HOLM Forum on a Boeing 737-800 aircraft.  Mike got behind the the big bird and successfully got into the air and landed it, not necessarily on the runway, but he landed the 70,000kg plane without any casualties.  It was truly a great experience for Mike.  Enjoy the pics!

This is an image of the Frankfurt Skyline from the East down on the River.  We will miss our city.

Harley Davidson set up at Hessentag for the kids in HCMC!

Giant sand castle and Ferris Wheel with the Hessen Flag at the top!

Eddy Lee’s inspiration!

Boeing 737-800 Flight simulator at the HOLM Forum!  Great experience, zero casualties!



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Below are some pictures from the long weekend trip to Amsterdam!  The Eddy and Mike show filmed in Holland for four days and saw the cities of Utrecht, Rotterdam, Amsterdam and The Hague Beach.  Thank you to the friendly people of The Netherlands for your hospitality and liberal laws. 🙂

This is an image of “French Fries War”, a favorite in Holland.  French Fries, Onions, Peanut Butter Sauce, and of course the European ketchup…mayonnaise.




(Above)  The Eddy and Mike show take it live in Amsterdam at this famous tourist hotbed.

(Below) Mike became an official brewer at the Heineken Brewery in Amsterdam.

Everywhere we went in Amsterdam!

Amsterdam’s night night beauty.

Weekend BBQ in Darmstadt

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Eddy and Mike decided to take a little trip to the South of Frankfurt to Darmstadt for a barbecue at their boss’s house.  Eddy and Mike enjoyed fine meats, a salad (which may or may not have had E coli in it), beers, potato salad, pudding, and Havana Club.  It was a great meal for the two stars and they are very thankful for their gracious host Robert who is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure a great experience in Deutschland.  After dinner Mike and Eddy attended a concert where the up and coming band Sunrise Avenue performed.  Sunrise Avenue is known for their global hit “Hollywood Hills”, which is posted below.  Turn your speakers up,  your windows down and drive through uptown to this hit song, it’s going to be bigger than Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance”.  Frankfurt has been great to Mike and Eddy so far and as the month of May comes to a close and the project’s halfway point approaches Eddy and Mike will keep working diligently to crank out nothing but the best results for HOLM.

The Memorial Day spread at Robert’s house (even though Memorial Day is not a German holiday Eddy and Mike still celebrated).

Mike and Eddy had a private viewing area where they could enjoy an unobstructed view of the concert and their favorite band Sunrise Avenue.

So close to the legends.  Sunrise Avenue “Hollywood Hills”,

watch?v=O2A0Cl50RLk  Click here to listen to the #1 song in Darmstadt!!

Happy Birthday Eddy!

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To help Eddy celebrate his birthday we wanted to sing him a song.

Backwards Down the Number Line\”

A little birthday song from Trey Anastasio and Phish!!

Sushi? In Germany?

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How about All-you-can-eat Sushi in Germany?  Yes, Eddy and Mike were scared too, and for good reason.  Chalk it up to a lesson learned, all you can eat sushi in Germany is not what it is cracked up to be.  Lots of rice, imitation crab stick, and other “filler” as we will call it mixed in with some salmon skin and tuna heads were not a great compliment with warm mushy pears.  Yes, warm mushy pears qualified for an item on the all you can eat menu.

With that being said Eddy and Mike still did damage on the sushi buffet and caught dirty looks from the employees for eating so much.  Mike and Eddy were eventually asked to leave the Sushi restaurant and were told that if all customers ate like they did the sushi restaurant would be out of business by Pfingstmontag, a German Holiday that falls on June 13th.  Eddy and Mike just chuckled as they smiled in a picture that they later autographed for the owner as the two humans that ate more kg’s of sushi than anyone ever before them.  Leaving the restaurant Mike and Eddy decided that they needed to fulfill the hunger that subsided in their bellies.  There was only one solution (see below)…Stay tuned for more of the Mike & Eddy Show as they take Memorial Day weekend to Deutschland!  Be sure to wish Eddy Lee a happy birthday as well on May 27th, 2011.

The first stack of plates being taken away from Mike and Eddy.  The two stars believed they heard the waitress say, “Fabre ich beeindrucken Sie”, which they believe translated into “color me impressed”, but the jury is still out on that.

They decided to have an all you can eat meter schnecke  sausage contest.  This not only included total quantity of sausage ate but also the amount of sausage in your mouth at one time.  Unfortunately Eddy and Mike did not come close to matching Steve Thieme’s record of a meter of sausage taken down the hatch all at once.

Welcome Holm!

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The Mike and Eddy show is in full throttle so to say as they spent the last few days at Fraport working in the HOLM Forum and touring the Frankfurt International Airport.  With access to the runway and cargo hangers they were able to snap a few photos of the new Airbus A380’s and add some reflective vests to their wardrobes.  This experience will help Eddy and Mike in preparing for their final presentation at HOLM in June (this will be a red carpet event).

Eddy and Mike knew that they would need energy and nourishment for their busy week working and filming their tour of Germany so they decided to try one of Germany’s famous dishes…White Asparagus.  For a little background on White Asparagus Mike and Eddy have decided to add an educational aspect to the blog below:

“Spargel” (also known as “Bleichspargel” – bleached asparagus) is the German word used to mean white asparagus.  Green asparagus is called “Grünspargel” or “grüner Spargel” and is harder to find in Germany.  White varieties such as Backlim, Boonlim, Ravel, and Braunschweig have been bred for thick shoots, closed heads and a mild, non-bitter taste.  White asparagus is harvested in Germany between April and June 24th of each year. The farmer hills up sand and compost over the root stocks to blanch the shoots as they grow.  Asparagus shoots can grow 2-3 inches per day in warm weather.  Asparagus Quality: Germany has divided asparagus into strict quality classes, comparable to USDA Grade A, Choice, etc. The classes of “Spargel” are: Extra – Minimum diameter of 12 mm (15/32 inch), no hollow cores, perfectly straight and all white.  Most expensive.  Handelsklasse I (HK I) – Minimum diameter of 10 mm (3/8 inch), light bending, light coloration (violet).  Good value.  Handelsklasse II (HK II) – Minimum diameter of 8 mm (5/16 inch), curved stalks allowed, slightly opened flower heads, more color than HK I and sometimes woody.  Good for soup stock and students.  Our host Robert also enjoys his with some “Green Sauce” which is also pictured below.

Below are pictures from our Bleichspargel adventure and day at the airport.

The asparagus and potatoes are cooking!

The meal is prepared

The famous (but not to Eddy and Mike’s liking) Green Sauce!! 🙂

The Airbus A380 on the runway.  This is the Tokio (Tokyo) plane.

Her rearview

Inside the international cargo hanger at Fraport.

The Weekend!!

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Germany treated Mike and Eddy to a great time this weekend.   The two stars saw the sites, enjoyed a few beverages, took a bike ride around Frankfurt and yes, of course, Eddy ate a Doner and a Doner Box.  Many of our followers were worried that Eddy was going to go an entire weekend without a Doner, but fear not for Eddy crushed a lot of Doner this past weekend.  From scenic Frankfurt to the “American” shopping center Frankfurt is truly a great city with so much to offer: desserts, fine beers, sausages, unlimited access to Doner, and letting Mike do what he does best, wear scarves.  Germany has so much to offer and Mike and Eddy would like to extend many thanks to their hosts at HOLM for making this a truly great experience.  This was truly a great cultural experience for Mike and Eddy and there was nothing Mike enjoyed more than watching Eddy on a six mile bike ride!

Relaxing in downtown Frankfurt and enjoying the history of the city.

Frankfurt square downtown.

Another German bakery, amazing!

Downtown Frankfurt

Sporting the scarf!!

World Cup 2010 Germany and USA shoes.

The “American” shopping center “where many tourists can be seen”

Eddy’s 4AM Doner box after the Amir Doner!

Following a hectic and stressful day at the office where Eddy & Mike solved not only Frankfurt’s pressing logistics problems but all of Germany and the EU’s as well, their co-workers decided it would be a good idea to take them to a downtown festival in Frankfurt.  Mike and & Eddy were told the festival would be lively with music, food, beer and all the 90’s and trance music we could handle.  This sounded wonderful to the two up and coming MBA’s, but Mike & Eddy were just mentally exhausted from trying to solve the age old question of how to export Germany’s white asparagus to the United States all while keeping it fresh (and legal) and not disrupting the current produce supply chain. Luckily for everyone involved Eddy & Mike rallied to ensure another great episode of the Eddy & Mike show aired.  What can they say, they always deliver and they sure didn’t disappoint on this lovely Thursday night in Frankfurt.  Here are some pictures from the night out on the town with HOLM in Frankfurt’s FiDi (that stands for Financial District according to the Young Urban Professional, or Yuppy Dictionary).  Thank you HOLM for a great night out on the town!

The night started off with Eddy and Mike being tired.  They just wanted to grab one quick drink and then head back to their apartments where they would read poetry and stories composed by the great Johann Wolfgang Goethe (great distant relative to Wolfgang Puck the chef for trivia buffs), and so they decided to have just one drink.

Then one turned into two and two turned into three and… (the sausage was amazing!!!)

But then Eddy remembered that it had been 12 hours since his last meal of pork ankle!!