Munich was a success!! Eddy & Mike show booked for Season 1

Posted: May 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

The Eddy and Mike show was a total success in Munich and the pilot was picked up by Martin Scorsese and Miramax (because they have never made a bad film) for further production in Frankfurt, Germany.  Eddy and Mike would like to thank the film crew for a wonderful meal in the Englischer Garten at the Chinesischer Term Biergarten.  It was a once in a lifetime experience and Mike was especially impressed with the landscaping and views which reminded him of Central Park in NYC.  Eddy believes he has found the perfect spot for a proposal in the near future but only time will tell, the MBA class of ’11 is keeping their fingers crossed.  After wrapping up the day in Munich, Eddy and Mike returned to the trade show to shake hands, smoke cigars, kiss babies and give a huge pat on the back to Robert Schonberger for a job well done at the Transport Logistic 2011 Trade Show.  Mike and Eddy also decided to drink a few liters of German beer in celebration of the their pilot receiving the green light for production this summer.  Mike believes that Fox will pick up the show in the Fall while Eddy is hopeful it will air on Bravo or E!.

Headed to the English Garden.  Notice the tall trees that stretch the streets of Munich, so lovely.

Eddy and Mike in front of the Chinesischer Term Biergarten

Eddy devoured a plate of spare ribs and we both enjoyed some German beer from the HB Munchen 🙂

Eddy’s proposal spot…

Back to business…

Below is a quick snapshot of a crowded parking lot in Munich…

  1. L. Shuba says:

    Nice trees. Whoever added the commentary “just lovely” is cracking me up at the office right now. Have fun kids!

  2. trey8303 says:

    I think we all know the creative director behind this project hahah.

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