Director’s Cut: On the set @ HOLM

Posted: May 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

All the hard work that Mike and Eddy have put in memorizing the Marbais Framework* and working for eccentric, demanding producers like Professor Thomas “Woody-you’re fired”  Taft has paid off.   Mike and Eddy arrived on the set of  HOLM ready to get right to work.  The Germans and HOLM made them feel right at HOLM (get it, home) from the start.  They even named the HOLM Forum office area New Work City for Eddy and Mike to feel comfortable in their new surroundings (the Western influence makes us smile, even if it makes Mario cringe).  Even with the hectic schedule of being in the limelight Eddy and Mike always relax with a nightly walk down on the river and enjoy the views of the city and friendly “Doner” street meat vendors.  Mike believes it is a great way to reflect on what they learned that day and how life will never be the same once Season 1 is complete and “Das Leben ist Gut” debuts at Cannes next year.  Eddy and Mike also enjoybecause the setting and reminds them of many romantic strolls on Lake Michigan in Chicago.  Another way that Germans like to relax is by dancing away their stress and worries on the dance floor, see our boss Jack and his wife below. The two of them are  in a trance from all the Techno music at the Yacht Club.

*Marbais Framework – Phoenix Online – Copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved

Welcome to The Squaire, home of the HOLM Forum

Finished Product, Fall 2011

Enter the HOLM Forum!!

My new set up for a living room…

And this is a picture on the set of HOLM, limited edition black and white photo, that will be inserted into every Season 1 DVD Blu-ray box set…autographed of course!

Evening stroll in Frankfurt

Our boss Jack and his wifey at the Yacht Club just breaking it down like some Justin Timberlake backup dancers

The Yacht Club! Barbwire to keep you in, not keep you out (or something like that)

  1. Greg says:

    Awesome…Just Awesome!

  2. Ya Boy says:

    I partied at the YachtKlub in the summer of ’05

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