Mike & Eddy get more German endorsements!!

Posted: May 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

Today is a great day to be Mike and Eddy.  Four companies have already contacted the HOLM studios and said, “we want these guys”!!  Eddy and Mike are proud to announce they are more than willing to deliver to their European friends, fans, and the German paparazzi, who mob them every time they step off of public transportation. Public transportation for big stars, you say?  Mike and Eddy are not just handsome, successful, well-spoken, athletic, intelligent, mind-blowing superstars, but they are very eco-friendly as well and if they can help cut greenhouse gases by riding the public transit than so be it.  Four great companies have decided to make Eddy and Mike spokesmen or models for their products and brands in 2011 and the contracts will be up for renewal after the Season 1 ratings for the show come out.  Here are the preliminary advertisements and companies that have picked up Mike and Eddy as well the payments to be received for working with the individual organizations.  Two weeks in Germany and Mike & Eddy are already having tell people to back off which didn’t work.  The two switched up their tactic and ever since everyone has understood when Mike and Eddy stated “don’t hassle the Hoff”, as in David Hasselhoff.

Mike will be working with BMW to endorse the new 6 series and will receive a new M6 every year starting in 2012 and lasting until 2015.  He was also given a new 7 series Hybrid model and has hired Sree Harsha J. to be his driver. BMW has also agreed to make a donation to the EPA in the U.S. to help promote research to cut carbon emissions. (Just doing the work of the people.)

Eddy got a lifetime contract to endorse mister*lady and endorse their clothes and brand for the rest of his life.  Brett Holt is very jealous.

Mike is working with the HANOG (Hipster Artist Network of Germany) Association as a model for all of their upcoming projects and will volunteer at the local high school’s art classes as a sketch model.

Eddy was endorsed by Bento Box after he revealed his middle name was Bento and holds the Miami “uptown” record for consuming 4,600 boxes during his freshman year.   Eddy & Mike now have free food for life at this restaurant at all locations.

  1. Daubs says:

    No way Eddy has the bento box record – I set that this year in the back of Huang’s class!

  2. B-rath says:

    I cant wait to see what happens when you roll into a sushi place……But definitely cant make it to the Chicken Wing spot Eddy…Brett Holt claims his territory..

  3. Sree Harsha says:

    Do you think that you are worth enough to endorse a beamer???? lol…I doubt…In such a case…I would accept your offer….

    • Dabbawalla says:

      Sree, this will not be possible as you will have to start work immediately on your return from the states as India’s #1 Dabbawalla!

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