The Weekend!!

Posted: May 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

Germany treated Mike and Eddy to a great time this weekend.   The two stars saw the sites, enjoyed a few beverages, took a bike ride around Frankfurt and yes, of course, Eddy ate a Doner and a Doner Box.  Many of our followers were worried that Eddy was going to go an entire weekend without a Doner, but fear not for Eddy crushed a lot of Doner this past weekend.  From scenic Frankfurt to the “American” shopping center Frankfurt is truly a great city with so much to offer: desserts, fine beers, sausages, unlimited access to Doner, and letting Mike do what he does best, wear scarves.  Germany has so much to offer and Mike and Eddy would like to extend many thanks to their hosts at HOLM for making this a truly great experience.  This was truly a great cultural experience for Mike and Eddy and there was nothing Mike enjoyed more than watching Eddy on a six mile bike ride!

Relaxing in downtown Frankfurt and enjoying the history of the city.

Frankfurt square downtown.

Another German bakery, amazing!

Downtown Frankfurt

Sporting the scarf!!

World Cup 2010 Germany and USA shoes.

The “American” shopping center “where many tourists can be seen”

Eddy’s 4AM Doner box after the Amir Doner!

  1. Greg says:

    Senich the scarf is so you!

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