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Posted: May 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

The Mike and Eddy show is in full throttle so to say as they spent the last few days at Fraport working in the HOLM Forum and touring the Frankfurt International Airport.  With access to the runway and cargo hangers they were able to snap a few photos of the new Airbus A380’s and add some reflective vests to their wardrobes.  This experience will help Eddy and Mike in preparing for their final presentation at HOLM in June (this will be a red carpet event).

Eddy and Mike knew that they would need energy and nourishment for their busy week working and filming their tour of Germany so they decided to try one of Germany’s famous dishes…White Asparagus.  For a little background on White Asparagus Mike and Eddy have decided to add an educational aspect to the blog below:

“Spargel” (also known as “Bleichspargel” – bleached asparagus) is the German word used to mean white asparagus.  Green asparagus is called “Grünspargel” or “grüner Spargel” and is harder to find in Germany.  White varieties such as Backlim, Boonlim, Ravel, and Braunschweig have been bred for thick shoots, closed heads and a mild, non-bitter taste.  White asparagus is harvested in Germany between April and June 24th of each year. The farmer hills up sand and compost over the root stocks to blanch the shoots as they grow.  Asparagus shoots can grow 2-3 inches per day in warm weather.  Asparagus Quality: Germany has divided asparagus into strict quality classes, comparable to USDA Grade A, Choice, etc. The classes of “Spargel” are: Extra – Minimum diameter of 12 mm (15/32 inch), no hollow cores, perfectly straight and all white.  Most expensive.  Handelsklasse I (HK I) – Minimum diameter of 10 mm (3/8 inch), light bending, light coloration (violet).  Good value.  Handelsklasse II (HK II) – Minimum diameter of 8 mm (5/16 inch), curved stalks allowed, slightly opened flower heads, more color than HK I and sometimes woody.  Good for soup stock and students.  Our host Robert also enjoys his with some “Green Sauce” which is also pictured below.

Below are pictures from our Bleichspargel adventure and day at the airport.

The asparagus and potatoes are cooking!

The meal is prepared

The famous (but not to Eddy and Mike’s liking) Green Sauce!! 🙂

The Airbus A380 on the runway.  This is the Tokio (Tokyo) plane.

Her rearview

Inside the international cargo hanger at Fraport.

  1. The Colonel says:

    Looks like a lot of moving parts on that stove – who managed to do all of the cooking?

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