Our Last Week in Frankfurt Starts Today!!

Posted: June 13, 2011 in Uncategorized


The Mike and Eddy Show has almost completed its first season in Germany and will be coming to a close next week at this time.  The two stars are saddened that their journey in Frankfurt is coming to a close but the great relationships and memories that they have made (including this blog) will last a lifetime.  The experience has been nothing but bliss for the two stars and they spent the last week enjoying everything that the city has to offer.  During the week Mike and Eddy would head down to the river to grab a few drinks after a grueling day at the office and watch the sunset and people watch on the walk, jog, run, Rollerblade, and bike trail by the Rhein-Main River in downtown Frankfurt.  It was a nice relaxing way for the two to break away from the 18 hour work days on the set of HOLM and soak up some sun and enjoy the finer things in life; a glass of wine and some good conversation.

This past weekend was Hessentag in Frankfurt. (Hessen Day) Hessentag is a celebration of the state of Hessen and located on the outskirts of Frankfurt.  Eddy and Mike enjoyed the food and festivities of Hessentag and snapped a photo of the man made sand castle and Ferris Wheel that all the kids went going crazy for.  They even had time to stop by the Harley Davidson booth and snap a picture for their friends in HCMC because as usual, work comes first for Eddy and Mike.  There was also an interesting twist of fate this past weekend in Germany, news that shook the nation.  Below you can see a picture of a sign that has a great story to go along with it.  The absolutely no smoking sign that inspired Eddy Lee to not smoke for 24 hours this past week.  The outcome was nothing short of marvelous.  His airways opened up, there was more pep in his step and he began to feel healthier, younger, and rejuvenated.  Could this be the beginning of something special, or just a passing fad for E-Lee?  People are wondering if this will improve his basketball game even more and critics wonder if this would have been the case during the MBA B-ball season could the team have made a Final 4 run?  Stay tuned for Season 2 to see how it all plays out.  The last picture is from a simulation at the HOLM Forum on a Boeing 737-800 aircraft.  Mike got behind the the big bird and successfully got into the air and landed it, not necessarily on the runway, but he landed the 70,000kg plane without any casualties.  It was truly a great experience for Mike.  Enjoy the pics!

This is an image of the Frankfurt Skyline from the East down on the River.  We will miss our city.

Harley Davidson set up at Hessentag for the kids in HCMC!

Giant sand castle and Ferris Wheel with the Hessen Flag at the top!

Eddy Lee’s inspiration!

Boeing 737-800 Flight simulator at the HOLM Forum!  Great experience, zero casualties!



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