Today is a great day to be Mike and Eddy.  Four companies have already contacted the HOLM studios and said, “we want these guys”!!  Eddy and Mike are proud to announce they are more than willing to deliver to their European friends, fans, and the German paparazzi, who mob them every time they step off of public transportation. Public transportation for big stars, you say?  Mike and Eddy are not just handsome, successful, well-spoken, athletic, intelligent, mind-blowing superstars, but they are very eco-friendly as well and if they can help cut greenhouse gases by riding the public transit than so be it.  Four great companies have decided to make Eddy and Mike spokesmen or models for their products and brands in 2011 and the contracts will be up for renewal after the Season 1 ratings for the show come out.  Here are the preliminary advertisements and companies that have picked up Mike and Eddy as well the payments to be received for working with the individual organizations.  Two weeks in Germany and Mike & Eddy are already having tell people to back off which didn’t work.  The two switched up their tactic and ever since everyone has understood when Mike and Eddy stated “don’t hassle the Hoff”, as in David Hasselhoff.

Mike will be working with BMW to endorse the new 6 series and will receive a new M6 every year starting in 2012 and lasting until 2015.  He was also given a new 7 series Hybrid model and has hired Sree Harsha J. to be his driver. BMW has also agreed to make a donation to the EPA in the U.S. to help promote research to cut carbon emissions. (Just doing the work of the people.)

Eddy got a lifetime contract to endorse mister*lady and endorse their clothes and brand for the rest of his life.  Brett Holt is very jealous.

Mike is working with the HANOG (Hipster Artist Network of Germany) Association as a model for all of their upcoming projects and will volunteer at the local high school’s art classes as a sketch model.

Eddy was endorsed by Bento Box after he revealed his middle name was Bento and holds the Miami “uptown” record for consuming 4,600 boxes during his freshman year.   Eddy & Mike now have free food for life at this restaurant at all locations.


All the hard work that Mike and Eddy have put in memorizing the Marbais Framework* and working for eccentric, demanding producers like Professor Thomas “Woody-you’re fired”  Taft has paid off.   Mike and Eddy arrived on the set of  HOLM ready to get right to work.  The Germans and HOLM made them feel right at HOLM (get it, home) from the start.  They even named the HOLM Forum office area New Work City for Eddy and Mike to feel comfortable in their new surroundings (the Western influence makes us smile, even if it makes Mario cringe).  Even with the hectic schedule of being in the limelight Eddy and Mike always relax with a nightly walk down on the river and enjoy the views of the city and friendly “Doner” street meat vendors.  Mike believes it is a great way to reflect on what they learned that day and how life will never be the same once Season 1 is complete and “Das Leben ist Gut” debuts at Cannes next year.  Eddy and Mike also enjoybecause the setting and reminds them of many romantic strolls on Lake Michigan in Chicago.  Another way that Germans like to relax is by dancing away their stress and worries on the dance floor, see our boss Jack and his wife below. The two of them are  in a trance from all the Techno music at the Yacht Club.

*Marbais Framework – Phoenix Online – Copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved

Welcome to The Squaire, home of the HOLM Forum

Finished Product, Fall 2011

Enter the HOLM Forum!!

My new set up for a living room…

And this is a picture on the set of HOLM, limited edition black and white photo, that will be inserted into every Season 1 DVD Blu-ray box set…autographed of course!

Evening stroll in Frankfurt

Our boss Jack and his wifey at the Yacht Club just breaking it down like some Justin Timberlake backup dancers

The Yacht Club! Barbwire to keep you in, not keep you out (or something like that)

The Eddy and Mike show was a total success in Munich and the pilot was picked up by Martin Scorsese and Miramax (because they have never made a bad film) for further production in Frankfurt, Germany.  Eddy and Mike would like to thank the film crew for a wonderful meal in the Englischer Garten at the Chinesischer Term Biergarten.  It was a once in a lifetime experience and Mike was especially impressed with the landscaping and views which reminded him of Central Park in NYC.  Eddy believes he has found the perfect spot for a proposal in the near future but only time will tell, the MBA class of ’11 is keeping their fingers crossed.  After wrapping up the day in Munich, Eddy and Mike returned to the trade show to shake hands, smoke cigars, kiss babies and give a huge pat on the back to Robert Schonberger for a job well done at the Transport Logistic 2011 Trade Show.  Mike and Eddy also decided to drink a few liters of German beer in celebration of the their pilot receiving the green light for production this summer.  Mike believes that Fox will pick up the show in the Fall while Eddy is hopeful it will air on Bravo or E!.

Headed to the English Garden.  Notice the tall trees that stretch the streets of Munich, so lovely.

Eddy and Mike in front of the Chinesischer Term Biergarten

Eddy devoured a plate of spare ribs and we both enjoyed some German beer from the HB Munchen 🙂

Eddy’s proposal spot…

Back to business…

Below is a quick snapshot of a crowded parking lot in Munich…

Eddy and Mike arrived in Munich at their hotel, Stay 2 Munich, on Monday afternoon.  The bright colors, flashing lights, and on-site McDonald’s reminded them of spring break in Panama City.   The accommodations were very nice and the two stars were able to start off each morning with a free breakfast, a pot of coffee and Lady Gaga’s “Judas” video, the hottest song in Germany right now.

Nearby the hotel was the European version of The Home Depot and an Ikea store with a typical German car in the foreground, a nice compliment to Steve Thieme’s Hybrid.

Mike and Eddy prepare for the cameras on the set of HOLM at the 2011 Transport Logistics tradeshow in Munich.  The lights were flashing and cameras rolling as Mike and Eddy explored the logistics and transportation industries of over 59 countries.  Below is a picture of the DHL booth which was worth the price of admission in itself.  This picture above was taken at 9AM and by 5PM Eddy and Mike had a combined 10 cappucinnos.  Germans love coffee!   At the bottom is the invite for our exclusive party tonight hosted by HOLM & Hessen.   Everyone is invited so please tell all of your friends on Facebook as well as confirm with a “Yes”, “No”, or “Maybe”, as is proper Facebook etiquette.  It will be a very intense party/production where the complex, pressing issues of the Logistics industry are discussed, debated, and eventually resolved.

We have arrived

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Arrived in Frankfurt, Germany at 6AM.

Left for Munich the same day at 1PM.

Learned that Germans can drink us under the table.

Glorious first day.  Props to our hosts Robert & Co. for a great night out in MUNICH!

Photo tour of our first day in Frankfurt before traveling to Munich.

Our street!  Two blocks to the bars, two blocks to the bus and subway.

Bridge into Downtown Frankfurt, Day #1

Eddy on top of the world!

A large drink at McDonald’s, Downtown Frankfurt.  NO FREE REFILLS 😦 

Eddy and I before catching a show at the Opera House.  The fountain added a nice romantic touch for the picture.

Germany’s version of Cocoa Puffs.  We are not going Cuckoo for them HA!

Franzi with a traditional German dinner = two satisfied Midwesterners! 

The biggest news in the German sports world right now is will Dirk and the Dallas Mavericks extend a 3-0 lead in the best-of-seven series against the Los Angeles Lakers.  Only time will tell, but we do know this; if the Mavs win and Dirk is successful the beer will flow like wine in Germany!!

Just two Midwest kids with West Coast ambitions going to the land of BMW and Siemens.  Mike and Eddy heading to Germany is the classic scenario of East meets West.  Trading in the Benjamin’s for Euro’s our trip will entail a short stop at the Charlotte airport where we will eat some southern BBQ before heading into the land of Merkel.  Munich is only days away.

The Eddy & Mike Show

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Coming to a basic cable station in your area.  For all of our German fans the answer is yes, there will be subtitles 🙂

Mike Senich (left)  Eddy Lee (center) feat Steve Thieme aka The Lord of the Ring (right)

Check out our boys – Steve Thieme & Co. at

Last day of MBA class.  The last 14 months have been glorious.  Stay tuned for greatness.

Germany here we come!

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We are staying at the Hotel Maingau in the Sachsenhausen district of Frankfurt.  Typical European living conditions and a great bar district right beside our humble abode.  There is a restaurant in the hotel and a bakery right around the corner.  Below are pictures of the hotel’s surroundings and Mike’s room.   A picture is worth a thousand words, so I will let the pictures do the all the talking here and save my words and phrases for the Eddy & Mike show…